About us

In 1995, ARGEDA set out to produce professional solutions to the deadlocks that organizations encounter in rapidly changing market conditions; through research and development, training and consultancy activities; are among the pioneers of the industry.

In R & D, business products and services, their goals, depending on the capabilities and technological needs more conscious, produces more effective and efficient way to offer be able to Turkey’s elite universities specializing in their field faculty and solutions by working together with experts. Our team in the family atmosphere, the people and institutions that our customers are a part of this family, serves them with amateur sincerity and professional responsibility.

ARGEDA; transforms customers’ desire for excellence into reality. Therefore, ARGEDA’s customer portfolio is composed of institutions and organizations from different sectors. Despite their sectoral differences, the common point that brings together these individuals and organizations is the desire to capture excellence. The experience, qualities and unusual performance that ARGEDA has in solving problems and other areas of activity are presented by the ARGEDA family for the satisfaction of its customers.